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You probably should already know what ballbusting is if you landed on this site. But chances are, you are a new person to ballbusting world and were just browsing some results from Google... if so, let us tell you a bit about ballbusting.

Ballbusting is a sexual "game", a somewhat part of BDSM. The woman is dominant and the main idea of ballbusting is woman dominating a man through the pain in his testicles. Yes, exactly. She can kick, knee, stomp, grab and squeeze his balls and so on. The game could be anything from some light ballbusting to extreme. The pleasure of such practices is more psychological than physical. In ideal form of ballbusting where the woman is a goddess and the man is a slave both partners enjoy the process.

Is it normal?

Lots of people could think that ballbusting is a game for perverts. Well, basically any sexual game can fall into this category. If someone will see you doing ballbusting with your girlfriend they could really think that you are out of your mind. Even those who do ballbusting can think that they are not normal. But let us calm you down. More and more we see that lots of people are interested in ballbusting even though they are not aware of this. Lots of girls love to land a kick or a knee to guys balls and see him suffering. Lots of guys actually provoke girls to do so, which also shows their interest in this game. Almost every film (really) has a ballbusting scene which also is a sign for ballbusting being popular.

How should you do it?

You definitely shouldn't start with the hardest kicks. But the more you become excited the more powerful kicks and strong pain you can stand. Basically, you should be excited since it's the main purpose of ballbusting. You should be careful for sure but the main thing is being and staying excited and gradually increasing the power of torture. Sexy outfit and high heels is a big plus!

Where can I watch ballbusting videos?

You can watch ballbusting videos at the top porn websites, such as pornhub, xvideos, xnxx and so on. Just search for "ballbusting" and enjoy. There is also "ballbustingtube" which is a site with ballbusting videos only. And sure you can watch ballbusting videos here, on! We try to find and upload the most interesting and sexy videos, so turn on and enjoy.

Most common ways to ballbust

So, you probably know that there's a ton of ways to ballbust a guy. It all comes to your imagination, but the most common ways are:

  • Groin kickgroin kick
  • Knee to the groingroin knee
  • Grab the ballsgroin grab
  • Groin stomp (with some sexy heels for example)groin stomp